Mastering Disaster Cases in Aesthetic Surgery




March 8 – 9, 2024 | Bensberg/Cologne, Germany



Dirk Richter, MD | Sebastian Haack, MD + Wolfgang Gubisch, MD | Christoph Heitmann, MD

The SOS Live Surgery Symposium was certified by the Medical Chamber of Nordrhein with 19 continuing medical education points.

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Dirk Richter, MD

Dear friends and colleagues,

Join us for the ninth edition of our symposium, themed “SOS – Secondary Optimizing Surgery,” where live surgeries will once again take center stage. This event gathers some of the world’s foremost experts in aesthetic surgery to share their insights in complication management. Together, we’ll focus not only on learning from challenges and errors but also on devising solutions and preventive measures.

This year, we introduce Video Sessions in addition to our Live Surgeries. These sessions feature pre-recorded videos of complication and disaster cases, with real-time commentary by our expert surgeons. This addition ensures a wealth of instructive cases alongside live surgeries, enhancing your knowledge.

Interactive panels with “secret case presentations” are again on the program this year, offering an exciting opportunity to dive into the world of aesthetic complications. Colleagues like you can showcase complex cases which they have seen in their own practices where they are seeking solutions or have already found them.

In these sessions, we will carefully analyze these cases together with you, the attentive audience, and our experts, working collaboratively to develop solutions.

What makes these panels particularly exciting is the fact that the experts do not see the cases in advance. This allows us to experience their spontaneous thoughts and considerations up close as they grapple with the challenges. There is no right or wrong in this interactive learning process – instead, it’s about learning from one another and appreciating the different perspectives and views.

The opportunity to deepen your skills and elevate patient care to a new level lies in the interaction and collaborative learning of complications. Join us and contribute to an enriching discussion!

We are confident that this symposium will provide an exceptional opportunity for continued education, knowledge acquisition, and the advancement of patient safety in aesthetic surgery. Join us at the magnificent Bensberg Castle, near Cologne, Germany, for this exciting journey into the world of complication and disaster management in aesthetic surgery.

Best regards
Dirk Richter, MD

New SOS Innovations:

Live Surgery + Additional video Sessions

Hot Topics


Hot Topics Breast

  • Addressing Excessive Grafting in Hybrid Breast Procedures
  • Effective Strategies for Managing the Waterfall Deformity
  • Navigating Challenges with High-Riding Areolas
  • Minimizing Rippling in Slim Patients
  • Preventing and Treating Areola Widening
  • Resolving Issues with Jumping Breasts

Hot Topics Body

  • Managing High-Riding Scars in Abdominoplasty
  • Utilizing the A-Net Technique for Thigh-Lift Corrections
  • Understanding and Managing Umbilicus Stenosis
  • Addressing Umbilicus Widening
  • Approaches to Correct Liposuction Irregularities

Hot Topics Eyelids

  • Managing Chemosis Effectively
  • Determining the Right Approach for Lower Lid Malposition
  • Exploring Options for Treating Filler Granulomas in the Periorbital Area
  • Dealing with Over-Grafted Lower Eyelids
  • Effective Management of Over-Resected Upper Eyelids
  • Strategies for Addressing Lack of Closure in Upper or Lower Lids

Hot Topics Facelifts

  • Complications in Non-Invasive Face-Lift Procedures: Threads, Fillers, and Devices
  • Preventing and Treating Pixie Ear-Lobes
  • Improving Outcomes in Cases of Recurring Platysma Bands
  • Navigating Facial Nerve Injuries: Best Practices
  • Addressing Parotis Fistulas and Disaster Recovery
  • Strategies for Dealing with Over-Grafted Faces

Hot Topics Rhinoplasty

  • Rib Cartilage in Secondary Rhinoplasty
  • The Damaged Soft Tissue Envelope
  • Tip in Secondary Rhinoplasty
  • How to Avoid Revision Rhinoplasty

In 2011, Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Gubisch, and Prof. Dr. Alex Mario Feller and Dr. Dirk Richter, initiated the concept of SOS meetings with the primary aim of concentrating solely on potential complications in aesthetic surgery. Their goal was to gain insights from these complications, address them, and prevent them in the future. The SOS Symposium was never intended to assign blame to any particular surgeon for a complication but rather to foster mutual learning, offer solutions for cases that did not go as planned, and impart strategies to avoid complications in upcoming procedures. Today, the symposium’s objective remains unchanged.

The first day of the event will feature live surgeries and examples of aesthetic procedures that encountered difficulties, spanning various areas of the body. These procedures will be performed by renowned surgeons of varying experience levels. The surgeries will be broadcast live to the audience gathered at Schloss Bensberg. Due to the ambitious surgical schedule, most of the surgeries will be presented in real-time, while some will be shown as edited videos. This format ensures optimal interaction and effective teaching.

Following this intensive practical day, the second day will comprise a series of lectures and discussions. Distinguished panelists will focus on both novel and preferred salvage procedures following complications in aesthetic surgery across different areas of the body, such as the breast, face, eyelids, nose, trunk, and thighs.